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Paris is the most populous city and the capital of France.

It lies in the heart of a vast sedimentary basin with fertile soils and a temperate climate, the Parisian basin, on a loop of the Seine, between the confluences of it with the Marne and the Oise. Paris is also the capital of the Ile-de-France region and the centre of the metropolis of Greater Paris, created in 2016.

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Tourism in Paris

Paris symbolizes French culture. In 2017 it is ranked as the most elegant city in the world. It is home to many monuments, nicknamed the City of Light, and in 2019 it attracts nearly 19 million visitors, making it the sixth most visited city in the world and the fourth most visited among capital cities. It is home to the largest and most visited art museum in the world. Paris is the luxury capital of the world. The world’s first and third largest groups are headquartered in Paris. Among the most popular luxury brands in the world, French brands are the most numerous and the first three are Parisian. Paris is the city with the most palaces in the world in 2018. Every year in Paris, the most prestigious international fashion week takes place. It is in this city that world-renowned fashion designers and French luxury brands have worked and operate. In the haute cuisine sector Paris is the city with the highest number of best restaurants in the world. The French capital is twinned with only one other city, Rome, which is also valid in the other direction, with this slogan “Only Paris is worthy of Rome, only Rome is worthy of Paris”.

The city is, with its suburbs, the economic capital of France. It is the country’s leading financial and stock market. In 2017 the business district of La Défense is the largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world in terms of attractiveness. Also in 2017 the Paris region hosts more international institutions and headquarters of very large companies than New York and London. In 2018 it is home to two of the world’s ten largest banks. It is also home to European bodies such as the European Securities and Markets Authority and the European Banking Authority, as well as international bodies such as UNESCO, the OECD, the ICC, the FATF. The Paris region is one of the richest regions in Europe. In 1989, it was designated European Capital of Culture, and in 2017, the European Capital of Innovation.

The density of its rail, motorway and airport systems make it a focal point for national and international transport. This situation is the result of a long evolution, in particular of the centralizing conceptions of monarchies and republics, which give a considerable role to the capital in the country and tend to concentrate the institutions there. Since the 1960s, however, government policies have oscillated between decentralization and decentralization. The macrocephaly reached by the city is manifested by the convergence of most of the country’s road and rail networks at its centre and the disproportionate demographic and economic differences between the capital and the province: nearly 19 of the French population lives in the urban area of Paris.

The Paris Saint-Germain football club and the Stade Français rugby union club are based in Paris. The 80,000-seat Stade de France, built for the 1998 World Cup, is located north of the capital, in the neighbouring town of Saint-Denis. Paris, which hosts the Annual Grand Slam tennis tournament at Roland Garros, hosted the Olympic Games in 1900 and 1924 and in 2024 will become the second city with London to have hosted them three times. Two of the world’s most prestigious horse races take place in Paris every year. Paris also hosts numerous international competitions and – since 1975 — the arrival of the Tour de France, the third most followed sporting event in the world.
Paris is Europe’s second largest city by passenger air traffic in 2015, and the fifth largest in the world in 2015. The two airports that handle the bulk of traffic — Orly and especially Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle — carried 95.4 million passengers and 2.2 million tonnes of cargo in 2015.

Biarritz is 780 km from Paris, a 7-hour drive away.

Price Biarritz – Paris 1450 ttc (comfort range, daytime 7am-7pm)

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