Private Driver

Anglet, Biarritz, Bayonne,
 Pays Basque

Biarritz Airport - Basque Country

BJB Private driver is at your disposal to take you or pick you up at Biarritz Anglet Bayonne airport. A real alternative to a taxi, BJB Chauffeur privé is a premium VTC service and will welcome you in the best conditions. Your VTC driver will be waiting for you and your family at the Biarritz Anglet Bayonne Airport with a sign in your name and will provide drinks and treats in his vehicles.

Biarritz Airport - Basque Country

Biarritz Pays Basque Airport is located in the municipalities of Anglet and Biarritz in the department of Pyrénées Atlantiques, it is one of the few airports in France to be located in an agglomeration, which is of interest for users to be quickly connected to urban centers.

Biarritz airport welcomes more than one million passengers a year and supports the economic growth of the Basque Country (French and Spanish) and southern Landes . Traffic is much more important than nearby airports such as Pau airport and San Sebastian airport. VTC services offered by BJB Chauffeur Privé are a quality alternative to traditional taxis.

BJB Chauffeur Privé offers you a ride with its premium VTC service. Your VTC driver will wait for you at Biarritz Anglet Bayonne airport with a sign and provide you with top-of-the-range services to welcome you to the Basque Country in the best way.

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